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Hope’s Promise Publishing specializes in publications geared to Black high school and college students, as well as graduates interested in pursuing a professional legal education.

We believe that with preparation, strategic planning, encouragement and solid information, you will have the tools you need to succeed. We provide key information along with encouragement and insight from an African American perspective. We are the only “niche” publisher focused on this particular specific demographic in the entire country.

Hope’s Promise Publishing’s official new logo is the twin Sankofa birds. In Ghanaian culture, the Sankofa symbolizes the importance of learning from the past and giving back in order to make positive progress in the future. This belief is the foundation from which this company was built and will continue to stand.

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As a pre-law student, I found Profiles and Essays of Successful African American Law School Applicants to be a very insightful and innovative book. It has helped me tremendously in making sure that I am properly prepared to apply to and enter law school. It is a must read for any student wanting to pursue a career in the legal profession.
Antoine Andrew Walker, South Carolina State University Graduate


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